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Glassworks Dig LIVE PORTAL

We’re looking for evidence of the Port Seton Glassworks and you can watch it via Facebook as we go live online with regular updates throughout the weekend.

Use this link to follow the live updates through the weekend of 5th & 6th September:

We’re also looking for local residents in Cockenzie & Port Seton to take part in the ‘garden test pit’

You’ll dig your own small test pit in your garden, under socially distanced guidance from our team of archaeologists and experts, while our mobile media team will capture the dig as it unfolds with live content being broadcasted via our online channels!

We’re looking to target some particular areas of interest, so if you live on Wemyss Place or Gosford Rd, and you’d like to take part, please get in touch!

Equipment and instructions on how to dig and record your trench will be provided. Finds will be evaluated and displayed in the Waggonway Museum.

We’re excited about the possibilities of this dig, and with your help we’ll uncover some fascinating history!!😀

Email us at:

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