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The impact of COVID-19

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends

We hope you are staying safe and healthy.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic will have a big impact on all of us, and the Waggonway Project is no different.

We will remain closed for the time being, but are going to be spending some suitably socially-distanced time continuing our work in the museum, preparing an exciting new room display and of course we will do our best to devote some of our new-found spare time towards giving you some interesting Facebook posts and web articles.

However, in order to sustain the project financially, we rely on being able to open the museum at weekends from April - September. Hosting events is also a crucial part of our activities, and also brings in important income.

As I'm sure you can imagine, we are currently having to consider ways in which we can bring in much needed income to ensure the project is able to stay financially stable during the current unprecedented restrictions to everyday activities.

So this is where you can help.

We are aware that not everyone will be able to, and there is no pressure, but if in a position to do so we would ask you to consider one of the following:

1. Making a £5 donation to the Waggonway Project - you can do this at our web store (if you'd like to donate more, this can be done in multiples of £5)

2. Joining the Waggonway Project (£12 per year) - you can do this on our website

3. Existing members - renewing early - again you can do this on our website

We hope that the current situation will not be a long term one, but we must safeguard the viability of the project immediately, and any help you can give will help ensure that we still have a project when life starts to get back to normal.

Stay safe, and if you can, why not get out and enjoy walking the Waggonway (download the app - look out for the circular signs along the route) and coastal paths (look out for bucket pots along the rocks near Cockenzie or Prestonpans).

Very best wishes from all of us at The Waggonway Project.

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We all are facing difficult circumstances in COVID-19 pandemic. But we need to move on and face the situation like warrior.

Gefällt mir
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