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Waggonway Dig 2022 - The Coalfauld

We're delighted to announce that we have a new dig location for September 2022.

The coalfauld is the area where coal was unloaded, graded and stored prior to its use in the salt pans or export via the harbour.

Over three days from Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th September, we'll be excavating an area within the coalfauld area itself, looking for remnants of the waggonway from either it's 18th or 19th century phases. We will be hoping to clarify where the waggonway went within this area and how this depot might have functioned.

Our thanks go to the owner of the land, who has kindly given permission to dig, and to the businesses adjacent to the site, who we will be working with in the coming weeks to ensure they are not disrupted by the archaeological work.

As always, this excavation will form part of East Lothian's 'Archaeology Fortnight', the annual celebration of history and archaeology which has been so popular in recent years.

Keep an eye out for more details on this coming soon on our web and socials.

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