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Waggonway Dig set for April!

Following our success in discovering the remains of Scotland's first railway in June 2019, we are delighted to announce that we will be digging again in the same location in April 2020!

The dig is set to take place from Thursday 23rd April to Monday 27th April.

One main trench will be opened by a team of professional archaeologists and experienced diggers, but we will also opening a series of test trenches along the line of the waggonway, which will be open to public participation. No previous experience is required. So we would encourage anyone who would like to take part in a real archaeological dig, to drop in during the dig and learn from our team - we'll have loads of tasks to help with, from digging to seiving the spoil for small finds - it's an opportunity not to be missed! We will be digging between Cockenzie and Meadowmill, where the waggonway path passes across fields to the south of the woods.

* Robust footwear essential

* Gloves, trowels and other equipment is provided If you would like to dig, please attend our HQ at West Harbour Rd, Cockenzie before for full details. Public are welcome to attend from 10am - 4pm each day.

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