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On 13th and 14th April, the master salters from the Waggonway Project will bring their replica salt pan to Prestongrange Museum for a pop-up salt making event. 

Come along to this FREE event to find out how salt was made in this area in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The team will also be joined by reenactors from Catching the Past, who will be running a drop-in “waulking song” workshop.

The event runs from 11am - 4pm, so you can drop in any time to learn the secrets of salt making, but don’t miss out on the crucial final crystallisation which will take place in the afternoon.

Also on Sunday 14th, there will be a talk on the history of salt at 1pm in the visitor centre, which will finish at the pan for the final stages of the process.

Salt was (and is) one of the most important substances required by our society, and visitors will learn how it was made in Scotland in the past, through boiling brine in large iron pans. This spectacular process is a fascinating and tangible link with our past, brought to you by the Waggonway Project salters.

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