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Updated: Apr 4

We’re thrilled to welcome PureMalt Products Ltd. as a sponsor of the Waggonway Project.

Our current project is the construction of a full scale working waggonway in East Lothian and we were delighted to receive sponsorship from PureMalt towards our goal.

The 5-year project will bring together volunteers from across the local community and beyond to create a living history legacy asset for the local area, bringing visitors from further afield to the benefit of local heritage, tourism and visitor-based local economy. 

PureMalt are a valued partner and support a range of great community causes in East Lothian - find out more at

Having PureMalt as a sponsor will help fund some of our essential project resources, including tools and PPE for our volunteers, which will be of great value as the project progresses, allowing them to learn traditional skills in their work. We're very grateful for this donation and extend our thanks to all at PureMalt.

If you would like to support the project as a sponsor organisation, please contact us at

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