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15th & 16th June 2019  

We’re hugely pleased to announce that on 15th & 16th June we will be conducting an exploratory archaeological investigation of an an undisturbed section of the Waggonway, the first time this area has been archaeologically assessed. A team of experienced archaeologists and assistant diggers will dig a test trench across the Waggonway where it crosses the battlefield just north of Meadowmill. Our aim is to assess the level of preservation of the various stages of trackbed, from 1722 Waggonway through to 19th century iron railway. If well preserved remnants remain, it could be the earliest surviving wooden railway in the world - but we’ve got to dig it to find out - fingers crossed! The trench will be excavated and refilled in stages to allow the public footpath to remain open and accessible throughout the duration of the dig. The path will be returned to its current state post-excavation. Given the delicate nature of this dig and the short time frame, we cannot allow public participation, but we would encourage everyone to take a walk up (or down) the Waggonway and visit the dig site, chat to the archaeologists and see what we uncover! Thanks to East Lothian Council and in particular their Archaeology Service for their help in making this possible 

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