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A few of weeks ago, Waggonway Project field researcher Penny Forbes went for a stroll around the old graveyard at Tranent Kirk.

Of particular interest on this visit were the many and varied trade symbols on the headstones, as these can give us clues to the professions of the graves occupants even if the lettering has worn away.

Of particular note were the symbols of a set-square and dividers which represent a Wright or Carpenter. And also the shovels with drawhook which reputedly represents a salter.

There are also the symbols for a butcher or flesher (cleaver & axe) and many many more. And of course plenty of skulls and bones, hourglasses etc.

One interesting stone bears the symbol of a stick with and orb at the end - does this represent a glassmaker? We need to do a little more research on that one, but it is certainly intriguing.

We’ll be poring over the Tranent graveyard transcriptions to try and find out!

But if you want a walk with a healthy does of history and intrigue, why not take a stroll round the gravestones, and keep an eye out for Cadells and Setons!

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