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Waggonway Project Financial Update – Covid related challenges

Dear Friends

The past year has been a challenging time for us all, and the Waggonway Project is no different. Our plans for 2020 were turned on their head due to the pandemic and we were unable hold the community events and heritage activities that we had planned. We did deliver some of our aims; however it has been a struggle, particularly financially – but we have survived thanks to you: our members, customers, supporters and friends.


During the past year, against all odds we have managed to break even - this has only been possible thanks to the generosity of individuals and organisations, the support of our customers and the incredibly hard work of our volunteers. Huge thanks to you all!


In addition to the various fundraising activities throughout the last 12 months, we have applied for Covid-19 relief funding from all relevant Scottish Government funds and the local discretionary fund.

Sadly, these funding applications were unsuccessful. We find ourselves treading water until such time as we can resume our normal activities – museum opening, salt making days, lectures, licensed events, members evenings and more...

Although we realise that there are many worthy causes at present, we are naturally disappointed that local heritage organisations such as ours are currently receiving no help, particularly considering the positive impact we have made to our community over the past 4 years.


We appeal to those who can, to support the project in one of the following ways:

1. Become a member – join here:

2. Purchase our merchandise – we have loads of great items for sale at our online shop:

3. Donate via our website:

4. And as soon as the museum can open, please pay us a visit!


We are ready to get going again as soon as we are allowed. Meanwhile we are planning the following:

1. The 1722 Lectures will return online soon – news on these coming soon

2. We will soon be bringing out a new colouring book of Alan Braby’s illustrations – loads of fun for a wide range of age groups!

3. Following the success of The Quietus Account of Tranent Parish, various researchers from the Waggonway Project are working on more new publications which will be available in due course via our web shop

4. Our research and prep work for future projects continues remotely - in particular, we are ready to complete the archaeological and consolidation work on the Auld Kirk Salt Pan and crack on with our oral histories project, both of which have been on hold for far too long.

5. And of course, as soon as we can resume any of our activities, we will do so – let us hope it is soon!

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